The 50 Most Expensive Private High Schools in America

When it comes to providing your child with the best education, private schools are often the go-to option. Private schools offer a variety of benefits, such as smaller class sizes, more individualized attention, and access to a wide range of extracurricular activities. But with these benefits come a hefty price tag. We took a look at the top 150 private high schools in the United States by Niche, and found the 50 schools on that list with the highest annual enrollment.

These are the top 50 most expensive private high schools in America, along with their location, annual tuition for the highest degree offered according to Niche, the school's Niche ranking, and whether or not the school offers boarding school. Forman School is one of the most expensive private high schools in America. Located in Litchfield, Connecticut, Forman School is a co-educational college preparatory school for boarding and day students with identified learning differences. The student-to-teacher ratio is 3.5 to 1 and each student has at least 80 to 100 “Washington Program” experiences. Tuition for Forman School is $63,000 per year. Linden Hall is another expensive private high school in America.

Founded in 1746, Linden Hall is the oldest continuously operating women's boarding school in the United States. The picturesque campus is located right in Lancaster County of Pennsylvania and is best known for its impressive equestrian equipment and facilities. Tuition for Linden Hall is $62,000 per year. The Storm King School is one of the oldest boarding schools in New York and has been ranked among the 50 best boarding schools in North America. With an average class size of only eight students, tuition for Storm King School is $60,000 per year. The Shortridge Academy calls itself a therapeutic school.

The school says it focuses on mental and behavioral well-being, in addition to its academic programs, as students try to navigate the strange time of adolescence. Tuition for Shortridge Academy is $59,000 per year. The Marymount School in New York City is one of the most beloved Catholic schools on the American map. Founded in 1926, Marymount has a 100% acceptance rate when it comes to taking your child to college. Tuition for Marymount School is $58,000 per year. Quad Preparatory School recruits staff with credentials from MIT, Yale, NYU Medical School and more, as well as teachers who have higher degrees in medicine, special education, and psychology.

Tuition for Quad Preparatory School is $57,000 per year. Brehm High School was awarded a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U. S. Department of Education in 1992-1993. The huge campus spans over 100 acres wide and tuition for Brehm High School is $56,000 per year. The Oxford Academy is one of three schools that are so called. This one is located in Westbrook, Connecticut and tuition for Oxford Academy is $55,000 per year. Shortridge Academy is a residential school that houses its students during the school year.

Unlike some private schools, Shortridge Academy is co-educational (or “mixed”), meaning it educates men and women in the same classes. Tuition for Shortridge Academy is $54,000 per year. If public schools aren't your thing and money isn't an issue, you can send your child to one of these most expensive private high schools in America. With highly individualized learning programs that cater to gifted students as well as those with learning difficulties (as long as they can afford), these schools offer some of the best educational experiences available.

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